Meet Robert Coleman

Owner & Chef
at Circle R Farm

What does one of the top Fine Dining focused Food and Beverage Directors and Chefs in the country do when he retires?  The obvious answer would be to finally sit down and rest but anyone that knows Robert Coleman knows that’s not going to happen!

He decided to spend his retirement conquering the challenge of serving elegant and delicious food from the restaurants of his career through the window of a Food Truck.

His mission was to create a crowd pleasing concept with the same emphasis on quality, expedited service, mass production and incredible fresh food as the best of the best in the fine dining world.

If you have been lucky enough to see Circle R Farm on the streets, you already know he has succeeded!

To give you a little better background on Robert, he started his first restaurant in the late 60’s in Amarillo, Texas after leaving his family’s turkey farm and grocery store where he worked since he was 12.

By the early 80’s, he was in Vail, Colorado being courted by some of the top resort companies in the hospitality industry and over the years worked for a few of the best including Vail and Beaver Creek, Jackson Hole, Booth Creek Ski Holdings and Angel Fire Resort. At these resorts he filled the position of Food and Beverage Director to bring their fine dining restaurants in resorts across the country back to life and improve the catering and major event areas until they were the top in the industry.

After Robert conquered the fine dining establishments of the resort industry, he took on the challenge of opening two very successful restaurants in Copper Mountain, Colorado: Alexander’s on The Creek and The Lazy Lizard. Both restaurants were two of the highest volume, high profile restaurants in the area.

The rave reviews can still be found online where those familiar with the cozy yet elegant atmosphere of Alexander’s on the Creek warned visitors to call for reservations well in advance but not to miss the experience when visiting.  Robert certainly succeeded in yet another corner of the Food and Beverage industry with both restaurants.

Throughout his career, Robert was elected to the Executive Boards of both the New Mexico Tourism Association and The New Mexico Restaurant Association. He was also active in government affairs relating to the Hospitality Industry and has been a leader in developing concepts with the National Brother Hood of Skiers and Chrysler Corporation in Vail, Colorado.

Robert Coleman has a long list of credentials including many consulting positions relating to reorganization of restaurants, financials and staffing. He has also won various awards in design and been featured on CNN Travel News, the Travel Channel and various other news sources. His long and rewarding career in the resort industry has enabled him to be one of the most successful individuals in large volume events and catering.  His strong business acumen and his ability to be creative on the spot have given him an edge in the industry. His experience and knowledge produce quick turnarounds with huge financial savings for his clients.

After too long in the cold, Robert made the transition to living in Scottsdale, Arizona where he has brought his current concept to life in Circle R Farm.

Robert created Circle R Farm with a high end catering, full size kitchen trailer designed for large events. Circle R Farm is a creative crowd pleasing concept with a huge emphasis on quality, expedited service, mass production and – FRESH FUN FOOD.

With meals made from duck, filet mignon and turkey to name a few and cooked to be fit for a king but eaten on the streets, Circle R Farm is a restaurant concept that will wow the crowds and create memories. It is Robert’s labor of love.  Stop by and say hi next time you see him at an event!